Friday, August 3, 2018


I have been working on Batman rules for my wargaming.  My plan is to keep new rules to a minimum.  Rather than create whole new rules for super heroes I intend to simply give the super hero a modifier to existing rules.  For example, Batman is difficult to subdue in a fight one on one, but the evil henchmen often gang up on him and Robin.  So, if I give Batman a modifier to make him harder to beat in melee versus a standard civilian he should win most melees against a single opponent.

Batman seldom used firearms except in some of the older comics, but he also seldom faced criminals with guns.  He was able to deploy his Batshield quickly when crooks did have a gun, so make him harder to hit as a result.

His array of Batgear also gave him the ability to climb up the sides of buildings, repel sharks, and put subjects to sleep.  So a few more special skills he will need.

Robin and Batgirl have similar skills, but due to their youth, they get them at a reduced effectiveness.

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