Sunday, August 12, 2018


The troops have brought some of their newest weapons to show the Liberians.

New light weight tanks and bulldozer.

New Weasel weapons and troop carrier.

A traditional dance troupe performs for President and Mrs. Nixon and Vice President Goldwater.

A TV camera captures the event for audiences back home.


Gary Panter said...

I never could figure out what kind of tank they were trying to reproduce or even which way the turret was supposed to point. I think the weasel was real vehicle but I'm not sure if the military adapted it or not thanks for showing off some some of your stuff Mike hope your progress continues with the house

Mike Creek said...

The M29 weasel was first used in WWII and for over 10 years afterwards by US forces.

The T92 light tank was experimental, it was never accepted for service. The turret was at the rear of the vehicle. The real vehicle was more complicated than the simplified toy. The US Army had a lot of experimental vehicles in the 1950s because of the WWII equipment going obsolete and many new technologies becoming mature. It mounted a 76mm gun like the Walker Bulldog M41 tank.

Thanks for reading.