Friday, May 6, 2016

Cannon Car

I got this Hot Wheels vehicle because it has cannons.

They stick out the front and sides.

It's sort of a cross between a car, a train, and a pirate ship.

I am considering using it for some Lost in Space spaceship that had cannons similar to this car.

I got four of them for now.  I suspect work won't begin for a long time on their conversion.


peter said...

Great to make some Steam punk artillery! :-D


Mike Creek said...

It would make great steam punk artillery, I think.
Thanks peter.

reston668 said...

With the plastic brass-coloured part off, I suspect the base car would look very Batmobile-like.

Mike Creek said...

reston668, that is an interesting idea. I will have to consider that. Maybe a Steam Punk Batman! Batman is unusual among super heroes because he is a normal human who uses gadgets rather than inherent super powers, so he works in a Steam Punk environment.