Friday, May 13, 2016

Berlin Diplomats

For at least ten years I have been working on getting the staff for each nation that had an embassy in Berlin in April, 1945.

It was rather time consuming to find out who even had diplomatic relations with Nazi Germany, that late in the war.  In the end I did have to use some artistic license, and interpretation.

Japan, of course, had diplomatic relations with Germany up to the end, but their ambassador left Berlin just before the Russian attack.  But did the embassy remain open?  Did all the Japanese leave at that time?  Who knows?

Then you have countries like Romania that switched side, did they maintain an embassy with a government in exile loyal to Germany?  My information is vague, but says yes they did.

How about Manchukuo?   Did they even have an ambassador to Germany?  They did recognize the Nazi government and were recognized in return.  So my guess is yes.

Vichy France maintained relations with Germany until the end, because if Germany lost, so did they, but their government moved from Vichy to Strasbourg.  So were their diplomats in Berlin?  Why not?

I am well along the project and should have more photos and information soon.

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