Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Fiddling

The seated figure is from the Imex Pioneers set in 1/72nd scale.  It's a pretty good figure but being seated is rather limiting in my opinion.  So I took the lower body of another figure from that set and grafted the fiddle player upper body on him.

This is one way to make quick conversions, just cut a couple figures in half and swap the bodies.  This figure is generic enough to work for a large number of sets.  I am using the standing guy as a WWII German.  I will probably make more and use them for my WWI and WWII Americans as well, and maybe even Soviets.

Musicians are useful because in my rule set he helps the troops maintain their morale and regain their morale if they break morale.  I use chaplains, commissars, officers, mess kitchens, and other specialized troops to aid in morale.


peter said...

That is a real nice conversion you made there!


1Mac said...

Heh, I just did something similar. Looks good!

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Peter.

Mike Creek said...

What did you do 1Mac?