Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spider Man

As part of my Super Heroes program I am buying the occasional Hot Wheels car.

This is their Spider Man Mobile.

One problem with some of these cars is they often have no actual relationship to the comic book in any way.

They were not in the TV, or animated version, or in a movie.  It's just a Hot Wheels.  Sometimes they are simply a regular Hot Wheels car painted up to look like it represents as comic book hero.

So I don't buy most of them, but I liked this one.  Still, how does a cub reporter afford a specialized hot rod, custom built for his secret identity?  It's not like he has either lots of money or the ability to built it himself.

Well, a problem to think about some other time.


Bob G. said...

Those are cool concept cars...reminds me of the old George Barris days.
Maybe Tony Stark made it for Parker...heh.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Yeah, that's it. Thanks for reading G.