Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Geo. Washington Brigade

In WWII the Germans tried to get units organized from all the nations of Europe and other nations as well.  They had a small unit of former British soldiers, and a few thousand troops from India serving together as the Indian Legion of the SS.  This is a small unit along those lines.  It is formed by Americans living in Germany when war started in 1939, German / Americans who returned to Germany before the end of 1941, and a few POW's and defectors to the German side.

These are mostly Imex German Infantry with various American bits of equipment.  These first two have Thompson SMGs.  The French deployed the Thompson and the Germans captured many of them.  Both of these figures have American packs and entrenching tools, from Fujimi.

Seated figure is from an Airfix kit.

This guy has pouches and pack from Valiant.

Another Airfix figure from a kit.  He has a .45 from an Imex US Army paratrooper along with the American canteen.

"National" armies often got at least some weapons, equipment or uniform items from their original nation.  French SS troops wore some French uniform items and decorations; former Soviet troops in the PLA carried many Soviet weapons.

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