Monday, May 9, 2016

Dump Track

Matchbox dump truck.

Not many tracked dump trucks out there.

Able to carry heavy loads.

Able to travel on all terrain.

It's a nice sturdy vehicle.

Upside down.


Pat G said...

A lot of Matchbox are getting re-purposed for the Gruntz 15mm SF rules and of course Car Wars - Mad Max Fury Road edition.

Mike Creek said...

Matchbox have one huge advantage over many car sources, they are cheap. For the price of one resin kit, I can get 30 Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars.

Bob G. said...


With some mods, that would make a GREAT snow-cat.
And yes, they are very inexpensive (79 cents at Krogers)
Carry on

Mike Creek said...

I think of it as a Sno-Trak dump truck.