Friday, August 22, 2014

Soviet Storage

I have been upgrading my storage for my WWII Soviet Union collection.  Here are some 57mm anti-tank guns for my Tank Corps from Plastic Soldier Company.

Mir M60 tanks with turret removed with Katusha rockets installed for my Tank Corps.

Each artillery battalion gets a small HQ and a flag.  WWII Russians did not have a lot of radios and field phones and so flags could be important.

Tank Corps 37mm anti-aircraft guns from Zvezda.


Pete. said...

Given the size of unit you collect you must be able to put on some impressively big games.



John Lambshead said...

That's a lot of antitank guns. :)

Mike Creek said...

Hi Pete, I have a large wargame table and it takes a lot to fill it.

Mike Creek said...

Hi John,
I have a lot of German tanks.