Saturday, August 9, 2014


I just got the Revell Germany newsletter.  It shows 1/72nd scale Cylon Centurion as a new release.

That seems very odd to me, because they say Centurion as a singular, not plural.  Is there one figure? Are there a box of different figures, like their regular soft plastic troops?  I suspect it is a single figure and it is not 1/72nd scale.

I have posted a question on their Facebook page to ask if it is a set of 1/72nd scale Cylons or not.  I hope it is, because they can be used as Terminators and many other Robot Invaders!  We shall see.  If anyone gets a definative answer, post it in the comments!

Cylon Centurion “Battlestar Galactica”
Product number: 04990
Scale 1:72


Sam Wise said...

Interesting ...
if it's a 1/72 Cylon, it's good for me for doing ... Cylons !
thanks for the info!

Mike Creek said...

I just heard back from Revell. The kit is a single 1/6th GI Joe size Cylon figure.

Sam Wise said...

not surprising at all...

Mike Creek said...

I did advocate for 1/72nd scale soft plastic, but no reply.