Tuesday, August 12, 2014

B-17 Bomber Repair

I have four junk B-17 kits in 1/72nd scale and I have been rehabilitating them.  Here are two clamps holding the rear end together as I re-glue the two halves.

Some of the wing control surfaces were functional, and some were not, here I am using a bit of modelling clay to hold one in place while the glue dries.  I decided to fix them all in place to make the model a bit stronger.

The wing roots did not fit the fuselage well, so I employed a large rubber band to hold them in place while I glued them together.

Rubber band in the middle and clamps on the end.

About half of the propellers are replacements.  Several of the windows are replacements too.  The big square one is still drying, you can see of opaque lower half after a day, but it eventually dried clear.

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