Saturday, August 23, 2014


 My Lockheed Electra has resin engines.

They get glued to the plastic covers.  I used superglue to hold it in well.

I converted these two figures to be my pilot and navigator.  He was wearing a trench coat and I cut it down.  She had a skirt and I cut it down to pants.  I also cut off their heads and put new heads on from Preiser.

The kit does not have tabs to hold the halves together so I improvised some with sheet styrene.


Bob G. said...

Nice can ALWAYS use sheet styrene for "bulkheads"...easy enough.
t recall ever seeing ne in 1/72 scale. Who makes THIS kit?

Carry On.

Mike Creek said...

Special Hobby. It's a low pressure injection molded and probably limited production. It's not a bad kit, but not an easy kit to put together.