Saturday, January 4, 2014


Water trucks just like this one visit office buildings every day.

They bring clear refreshing water or bombs, or terrorist attacks to any venue.

A nice little SWAT team vehicle.

Modern wargames often involve police, and in some nations police fight terrorists every day.

Two K-9 vehicles and a SWAT team.

The orange Oshkosh M-ATV with the older green one.

I have found both in stores in the past month.


The key is keeping your eyes open and you can find some inexpensive and interesting wargame vehicles.


Sean said...

Good police vehicles, but I really like the water truck. Like you said, you need a few mundane vehicles in an urban setting.

Mike Creek said...

Glad you like it Sean. Drive that bad boy 60 miles and hour right thought the front door of your police station and then explode the bottle of nitro mixed in with the water. Could be problem unless someone has planned for that.