Friday, January 31, 2014

Train Show Haul

The real question on your minds is not, tell us about the train show, it's what did you get at the train show, Bunkermeister?  Here's a start.

This item is a box car, before WWII companies often owned box cars to haul their products in and the railroads pulled them for a fee.

I collect trains from the Southwest USA and German wartime trains.

ATSF, Union Pacific, and Southern Pacific are prime route for me.

This black item is a re-railer.  Model trains run over it and their wheels are pushed back onto the tracks, they are disguised as train crossings.

Train cars from all over the country might be found in any particular region on any give day.

 A Liberty ship could hold 300 box cars worth of stuff in their hold.

A US Army Infantry Division in WWI used 30 box cars per day.

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