Wednesday, January 22, 2014

River Belle

My friend,  Richard, warin15mm, has purchased this little ceramic ship, the River Belle for use in his African diorama.

Here he as cleaned up the ship and placed a few 28mm figures on deck and at the wheel.

It will probably ply the waters of a large African lake waiting for a small English boat to attack!


DeanM said...

Little? That ship must be huge if those are 28mm figs on it. It looks awesome.

Mike Creek said...

It's pretty impressive, about 18" in length.

MiniatureWargaming Editor said...

Where did he get it? Who makes it?

Mike Creek said...

It is a ceramic out of production Lemax Christmas display model. He got it in poor shape at a local swap meet and restored it to a wargame standard. He paid next to nothing for it, but they cost a lot on eBay.
Thanks for reading.