Sunday, January 26, 2014

Train Show

This European train set up was probably close to 100 feet in circumference. 

This more whimsical train set up had giant dinosaurs attacking the city and various military weapons responding.

Here a dinosaur has a military helicopter in his mouth.

These guys used a mix of European and American buildings that I thought was very effective.

This HO scale battleship has got to be about the best naval wargame accessory ever!

It includes a whole pier, dock, tugs, cargo ships, aircraft and support facilities.

Mr. Diaz is responsible for all this naval activity.


Ty Hogue said...

This naval base is amazing! I would love to do something like this for my modular railroad layout in our club. I think I might have seen pictures of the liberty ships from the NMRA train show in Sacramento in 2011 that was called "Arenal of Democracy". You don't see much military stuff in many train layouts and so this is so great!

Do you know how I might be able to get a hold of the builder of this layout you list, Mr. Diaz, to ask some question about the liberty ships and about some of the buildings on the layout.

Thanks, Ty in Holland, MI

Mike Creek said...

Mr. Diaz is a member of the High Desert Modular Model Railroad Club, they even show what looks like some of his models on their website. I suspect you can reach him through them. They also have a Facebook page. Good luck.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek