Friday, January 10, 2014

Thank You TMP

Thank you to The Miniatures Page and all those who helped me to get back on line.  As you may have noticed by blog has been off line for a week, I could not post photos and the Google / Blogger help was of limited assistance.  I asked on TMP and several folks dropped in with suggestions.  I changed to Mozilla Firefox and not only does Blogger work better than ever, but it is faster and so is my whole web experience.

Thank you:

Martin Rapier,
Der Alte Fritz,
floating white bear,
Dr Skull, and

for all your help with this problem.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek


ccm2361 said...

Test comment :-)

Mike Creek said...

Thank you ccm. I have had some computer issues recently and so I am about a week behind. They may be fixed.