Monday, January 6, 2014

French 75 Upgrade

Time to upgrade the HaT French 75mm gun in American Army service to the 1938 version.

First take off the shield and cut off the pins for the shield.

Cut off the pins for the wooden wheels too.  Add a new axle below the old ones, the new pneumatic tires were smaller in diameter than the old wooden tires and so they were mounted on new axles that were lower to the ground.  Add new wheels to the new axles.

Cheap flat white spray paint from Wal-Mart as a primer.  A primer gives a uniform color as a base to apply the overall color on top of, so the new color will be consistent on the newly painted model.

Once primed, paint the new OD color on the model guns.

A battery was four of these guns, shown here after the rubber tires have been painted.

Note the new second axle.  Crew by HaT, US Army WWI.  This uniform and equipment was used by the US Army right up into the beginning of WWII.

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