Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ykreol French Commanders

This is the new 1/72nd scale figure set from Ykreol called French Commanders.  They are sold direct and at fine hobby shops.

It is a set of French General Officers from 1940.  They are:
Alphonse Juin
Ardant Du Picq
Delattre de Tassigny
Diego Brosset
Jean Colonna D'Ornano
General Leclerc
Marechal Petan

Louis Jassen
Marcel Deslaurens
Marie Pierre Koenig
Paul Barbe
General De Gaulle
Thierry Dargenlieu

The last man is a WWII German pilot as an extra.

The good news is these guys will work for the period from about 1916 to about 1960 for the French Army.  You can use them for France, Free French or Vichy France.  A very versatile set. 


Sam Wise said...

nice figures!
It's "strange" that they could be good for a so large period!
The French Army was ready for the WWII, for sure: same Commanders, same uniforms, same material!

Mike Creek said...

Some of the colors may be different, but Generals often get to wear what they want and the French did not change uniforms very often.