Monday, September 16, 2013

Finally Twiki

One of the duties of Twiki and the other ambuquads was to carry around members of the ruling council.

Dr. Theopolis was the member assigned to Twiki. 

The Computer Council were disk like computers that ran New Chicago's government and infrastructure.  They did not come with the models so I used a bit of sprue to make some.  Since I did two gold and two silver Tiwikis, I did gold and silver computers and glued one on the chest of a gold and silver robot.  I also made some that would remain unattached.

It makes a pretty impressive group to have them all together with the other plastic figures.

The plastic figures are largish 1/72nd scale and the Twikis I think are supposed to be 15mm but they look fine together as far as I am concerned.

The uniform used was usually white, and so I am keeping that color for the figures.

This turned out to be a much larger project than I anticipated.

At some point I may try to scratch build the land vehicles and obtain some space fighters too, but not today.

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