Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thanks Airfix / Hornby

I got this airplane model over 10 years ago and just put it together a few days ago.

It was missing one piece of the canopy so I emailed Airfix / Hornby about it on their website. 

I just filled out the form and within a few days a new part arrived in the mail, for free.

It was very nice of them to do that.

They packed it really well.

In fact, they sent me a whole new canopy section, probably because it's easier then figuring out which one to send.  Thanks Airfix / Hornby for excellent customer service.


James Fisher, FINS said...

That's great of Airfix and great to know Mike as one often loses a key part, or find that a part is missing from one of those kits (or even from a box of figures). Thanks for posting.

Mike Creek said...

Airfix has always been a good company.

Bob G. said...

I did the same thing w/ airfix years ago...very good response and always do an exemplary job of customer service.Nice to know they STILL do it right.

Carry on

Mike Creek said...

Thanks G. It' always nice when an old standby is shown to be reliable as Airfix.