Sunday, September 1, 2013

US Army Infantry Weapons

When writing wargame rules it's a good idea to know the effects of real weapons and how the troops were supposed to employ them.  This is a WWII US Army film on Infantry Weapons.  It is a great overview of the small arms and crew served weapons in an Infantry Regiment in early WWII.  Troops like this would have fought in North Africa and Italy and much of the Pacific.

The film shows rifles, carbines, and machine guns as well as mortars and bazookas firing at troops and bunkers and even tanks.  There is some pretty good looking WWII German gear in the film also.  A truck and tank, probably captured in North Africa have starring roles.  Notice all the crewmembers for the anti-tank guns.  Those troops were not just standing around, everyone was busy.  Do your ATG's have full crews?

We don't use rifle grenades in wargaming much, probably because few companies provide them in miniature.  I have been nagging HaT and Pegasus to use them more and they are getting better.  Rifle grenades filled the gap between throwing grenades and 60mm mortars.  That role today is filled by the grenade launcher.  Enjoy the film, I know I did.

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