Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little Ships

These pirate ships are very nice quick and easy wargame ships.

In 1/72nd scale they are just over 40 feet long.

The Pinta with Columbus and the Discovery at Jamestown were only about 50 feet in length.

They sailed from the Old World to the New World.

They each had a crew of about two dozen.

These ships probably could have made the voyage too, but it would not be a pleasure cruise.

Certainly you would want to be in convoy with a few larger ships in case of trouble.


Sam Wise said...

very nice ships !!
were did you find them ??
(you always have rare stuff !)

Maybe they are "cheap ships for cheeping sheeps eating chips" !
(sorry for the bad joke !)

Mike Creek said...

I got them at US Toys, a party supply and educational supply store.

Phil said...

Great looking ships!

Mike Creek said...

The nice thing is that at only $2 each you can get a whole fleet.

Sam Wise said...

2$ ... I've seen that!
unfortunately, I don't think that they do international shipping !
(by sea, it could be possible ????)

Mike Creek said...

Well, Sam at $2 and in lightweight plastic postage should not be too bad. Good luck.

Sam Wise said...

Thanks Mike !
I will try to ask if it's possible.