Friday, September 6, 2013

Sea Planes

Sea planes were great for air / sea rescue.

Pilots downed, adrift in a life raft can be rescued by a plane that can land on water.

Ships crews lost as sea can also be rescued.

If nothing else, planes can land and provide supplies and aid to survivors and direct in rescue ships.

These two planes both served in all of WWII.

Biplanes had the advantage of being able to fly slow and look for survivors, mono-planes were much fasters to cover more area.


Sidney Roundwood said...

They're really lovely. Beautiful models, and as you say, absolutely perfect for a huge number of scenarios. There's something slightly romantic about sea planes - even the military versions. Something very 1930s and black and white films. Great post!

Bob G. said...

That biplane you built is truly a GEM of a model.
I'll bet it's the airfix version.

I built one of them a LONG time ago, and did it up like the one used in the movie Murphy's War (Peter O'Toole).
The other one looks like a Kingfisher.

Both kits never receive the popularity that ground-based aircraft do.
I still like them.

Now show us your PBY!

Very well done.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Hello G,
Yes you are correct on all accounts G, except, no PBY here.