Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sea Planes

Airfix 1/72nd scale Kingfisher airplane.

It was missing a piece of the canopy, I got the kit probably 20 years ago.

Still, it holds up very well, a nice sturdy kit.  The US Navy used them in WWII to provide naval gun support fire direction for cruisers and battleships.

So it's a must for supporting my US Army troops in amphibious invasions.

I also picked up this little gem, also from Airfix.  The US Army Air Force used one in the Philippines early in the war.  They salvaged a group of Navy planes that had been shot down and got one operational.

The Duck is another US Navy aircraft, but mine will be used for the PI campaign as a USAAC plane.


Sam Wise said...

Interesting planes!
Never see (sea!) such ones!
I like the 2d plane a lot: there's something "futurist" in it.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Sam. The second one looked like it might make a nice camper for two!