Friday, September 20, 2013

More Little Ships

Mexico City was surrounded by water and connected to the land by causeways.

Cortez used a fleet of 13 small ships to control those waterways.

The Aztecs used canoes to attack the Conquistadors.

The large Spanish ships were almost invincible against the canoes.

The Spanish could fire a cannon and sink a canoe, and could fire their crossbows, and firearms too.

It was hard for the Aztecs to board the Spanish ships because they were tall.

These ships have a mixture of Revell and Caesar and Empire Games figures on their decks.

Apart from the fact that the flags should fly in the same direction as the sails, they are ready to go to the wargame table straight from the store.

I would suggest trimming off the small crows nest on most of them and perhaps going with one or two masts on some for variety.

All in all, a nice wargame fleet.

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