Sunday, January 20, 2013


A while back I went to JoAnns to look for stuff and found these buildings.

They were not unlike the buildings at Dollar Tree.  But instead of being a dollar they were almost $8!

However, I waited for the 70% off all Christmas stuff sale.

So I was able to pick up one of each.

They are better painted than the ones at Dollar Tree and at about $2.30 each are not bad.  Shown here with a 1/72nd scale figure.  It think they would work just fine for 15mm to perhaps 28mm if you don't mind them being a little small.


Sam-Blog said...

nice houses!
if they don't have snow, it will be better...
The scale seems to be good for HO, not big enough for 1/72 and too small for 28mm.

Bunkermeister said...

As background buildings I find them just fine for 1/72nd scale but then I use HO scale buildings all the time. Paint the snow green it becomes moss or grass or leaves. Paint it brown or gray or black it becomes soot, dirt, dead leaves, it works just fine.
Thanks for reading Sam.