Friday, January 4, 2013

New Hobby Products

There are a number of new products about to be released in 2013 that I am hoping to get.  Revell Germany has announced two submarines, both in 1/72nd scale.  The first is a US Navy Skipjack sub.  It is a nuclear attack submarine in use during most of the Cold War.  Perfect for all those Ice Station Zebra wargames.  The Soviet subs looked a lot like them, so maybe some conversion possibilities too.

They are also doing a Type IX B-Boat based on U-505.  That U-Boat was captured by the US Navy and preserved at the Chicago Museum, in Illinois.  This is a late war Boat that will be a nice supplement to their various Type VIII boats.  I already have four of those; all in 1/72nd scale.

The last new item is from Ykreol and is a set of German soldiers in 1/72nd scale for Stalingrad.  They are a mixture of dead, dying, wounded and very cold.  Most are prone, some are kneeling.  They are made out of soft plastic and there are a lot of them in the set.  They may be out as soon as this month.  I have a pre-production set that I will post photos of very soon.  Happy new year indeed!

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