Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stalingrad Pre-Production

Ykreol is releasing a new set; Stalingrad Germans.  These are the prototype for some of the figures.

The figures are sculpted in clay with heads and other accessories cast in resin or in plastic from other Ykreol sets.

These then are the masters from which the molds are made.

This set will include both wounded, dead and unharmed troops.

There are several mini dioramas inside this set.  One is the butchered pig shown here.


FriendlyFire said...

Interesting looking set. Might pick one up when they come on the market.

(Also, How did you get your hands on these?)


Bunkermeister said...

Hi FF. I have known about then since before they were sculpted and even provided photos and suggestions to the manufacturer. I have done that with HaT, Pegasus, Caesar and Ykreol. Just one more reason to read Bunker Talk.

FriendlyFire said...

Wow, that's interesting! Did they contact you, or did you contact them?