Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My last JoAnns model purchase was this church. 

I would never have purchased such an expensive item, but 70% off Christmas stuff sale!

It is magnificent!

It is a tremendous item and works for about 600 years, anywhere in the Catholic world.

The hole is for a light that comes with it, I will cover it with a stained glass window.

Just take it out of the box and you are done!

I am sure this building will be in Berlin!

Here it is with the school, much larger, very impressive.  I was blessed to get such an item.

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Chris said...


This has zero to do with your post, but oh well.

I saw on TMP that you want Battle Dice. I have some that I was going to get rid of (hopefully) on eBay. I have 4 dice, 1 of which is empty; the instructions; a battle matt; and half of the hexagonal case.
I noticed on one of your posts that you have little use for some Hat British Marines--I'd be happy to trade if you like.

Best regards,

Chris Johnson