Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wargame Rules


Type                                                     Number of Templates/Area
Shotgun                                                1
Machine Pistol                                      1
Sub-Machine Gun                                  1
Assault Rifle                                         1
Automatic Rifle                                     1
Gatling Gun .50 cal hand cranked           2
Automatic Assault Rifle                         2
Heavy Machine Gun (.50 cal)                  2
Tripod Machine Gun (.30 cal)                  3
Bipod Machine Gun (.30 cal)                  2
Hand Grenade                                       40mm diameter
Grenade Launcher                                 40mm diameter
Flame Thrower                                       cone shaped template

            Any targets within a template must be separately ranged and dice rolled for each target to determine if the target was hit.  The firer has the option with multiple template weapons to fire lengthwise or depth wise, but the template must point towards the machine gun.

Infantry Template Construction

            Draw a circle 4 1/8 inches in diameter.  Draw an X, with its center at the center of the circle.  Using one of the lines of the X as a base, from the center of the circle, draw two more lines.  Draw one at an angle of 135 degrees, the second line at an angle of 45 degrees.  Where the lines intersect the circle that marks the template ends.  Using another 4 1/8 inch diameter circle, connect the lower half ends.

Infantry Weapons Firing at Vehicles

            Any weapon assigned a template also has a chance to destroy or disable some types of vehicles.  Only one vehicle may be in the target zone, even if more than one fits within the template.  The firing infantry weapon must first hit the vehicle.  If the vehicle is hit, check the damage die for the location and result of the hit.

1          Crew                 Crew killed
2          Engine              Engine destroyed, vehicle cannot move
3          Engine              Engine destroyed, vehicle cannot move
4          Fuel                  Vehicle catches fire
5          Cargo               Cargo or passengers destroyed
6          Suspension       Wheels destroyed, vehicle cannot move

Crew served direct fire infantry weapons such as, ATGM, machine guns, automatic grenade launchers, Gatling gun, must have a full crew in order to fire with the full number of template leafs.  Anytime the firer of a man portable weapon is killed his weapon is also destroyed.

If any other member of the crew is killed the number of templates is reduced by one template for each dead crewmember.  Survivors from weapons of the same type may unite to operate the weapon again if one is a loader and the other is a firer.

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