Sunday, January 6, 2013

German Mountain Infantry

Gebirgsjager, German Mountain Infantry, by Gordon Rottman & Stephen Andrew, Concord Publications Company, 2007.  This is one of the large format, thin paperback books Concord does on a variety of subjects.  It is an excellent overview of German Mountain Troops.  Since they are made by Ykreol, Ceasar Miniatures and naturally, Airfix in 1/72nd scale plastic figures, it was only right to pick up some reference materials.  Gordon Rottman writes a good book and I found it interesting and informative as usual.

Most units did not get ski training.  So I will have to put my Airfix figures in a special ski platoon.  Maybe make then the recon troops perhaps.  Not all units got specialized technical rock climbing training, only Alpine Units.  So that's another special mountain unit.  Of course the Caesar and Ykreol sets are Bosnian Muslims so they are another special unit too.  So that's at least four different kinds of mountain troops to have to build.

They used lots of specialized equipment and regular equipment too. Photos in the book show them using the Le FH18 with no muzzle break and wooden spoked wheels.  I may use the Revell gun with new wheels for that.  They also show wagons towed by oxen.  I suspect that will be the LW wagons and I will provide them with oxen from the Pegasus Mission Indians set.  A good book with many model and wargame projects inside.  Who could ask for more?



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