Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Zvezda Soviet 85 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

Zvezda 1/72nd scale Soviet 85-mm Anti-Aircraft Gun in plastic.  This is a nice model of a gun that is similar to the famous German 88.

You only get one in the box but it builds up into a nice weapon.  Assembly does not require glue, but I used regular model glue just to be sure.

Built up on the base.  Right now I only have two of these guns, but I am planning to buy at least four.  I need to find out more about their organization before I commit to more that four.

You get a four man crew, #4 is seated on the gun.  I make little plastic bases for them so they are not glued to the gun base.

A nice pair of AA Guns, I would like a larger crew, but I looks like some of my tired old Airfix Soviet Infantry will be re-assigned from infantry to AA gun crew work.


FriendlyFire said...

Good stuff! And if you are looking for soviet crew, there's always the Orion set:

I think you can find it for a reasonable price somewhere.

Keep it up!

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks FF, and yes the Orion set is on the buy list.

Chris Kemp said...

Dear Bunkermeister,

Organisation for PVO AA units is available at Nierhorster :


Zaloga, S.J. and Ness, L.S. (1998) Red Army Handbook 1939-1945. Stroud : Sutton Publishing Ltd. (ISBN 0-7509-1740-7)

may be helpful too.

Kind regards,


Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Chris, nice helmet.

I since learned these were organized into four batteries of four guns for a total unit size of 16 guns. Looks like I gotta pick up a few more over time.

Jake Roberts said...

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Mike Creek said...

Thanks Jake, I will check that out.