Friday, December 14, 2012

Machine Guns

The wire was plastic covered wire from Plastruct.  I find it very useful. This is the Orion 1/72nd scale Maxim Quad machine gun, Soviet Army, WWII.

Here are a bunch of them almost ready for assembly.  See one set of hoses in the lower left corner waiting to be installed on the machine gun.  I put CA glue on the machine guns and used it to the hoses to them.  Then I used 5 minute epoxy and covered the wire to hold it in place.

The machine guns are nearly all done, mounted on new stands, and with a new extension to make them tall enough to allow the gunner to fit underneath.

Nine machine guns all ready with their gunner.

Once assembled this is a pretty nice kit, but rather more work than it should have to be, a styrene version would have been much better.


FriendlyFire said...

Wonderful stuff! Will you be painting these badboys?

Bunkermeister said...

These can be painted?

Sam's Blog said...

nice work!
I suppose that you have plan a new story....
the firings guys look good too.

No painting ???

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Sam. I have over 75,000 figures and at my age I will be dead 250 years before I finish painting them all. I do try and paint the vehicles first at least.