Monday, December 10, 2012

Orion Quad Maxim AA Gun

Apply a little Bestine to the surface of soft plastic models and it helps CA type glues to adhere to the surface.

After putting it off for a long time I finally got around to assembling the Orion WWII Quad Maxim AA guns.  I had to use three different types of glue, including Goo.

I also used 5 minute epoxy, it really helped hold this thing together.  I also had to use a few bits of wire as well.  I found the model had flash and design flaws that made it really hard to put together.

I squeeze out a little epoxy on some aluminum foil and mix it with a toothpick or a bbq skewer.

This shows the underside of the four guns with the two water hoses held in place by epoxy and two wire cross pieces.  The four guns are one piece, thank God.  The kit is 1/72nd scale.

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