Sunday, December 16, 2012

Orthodox Church

A long time ago, I purchases this bird house at JoAnns fabric store.  It was on sale and I got it for about $12.

There were several wrought iron decorations on the front and the top, I pulled those off right away.

I got a few Christmas decorations a long time ago at Dollar Tree, knowing I would use them for onion domes some day.

Here is a quick test fit to see if these are worthwhile.

A few Orthodox figures from Strelets, in 1/72nd scale.


Sam's Blog said...

an interesting building with a simple idea for the conversion... but it seems to be a little too large for 1/72 ?

Bunkermeister said...

Not if it's a large church. Look up St Basils, in Red Square. Very large Orthodox church. I am not going for the local village church but a large urban church which can be huge.