Sunday, December 2, 2012

Frog JU88

The other landing gear from the Airfix JU88 kit, shown from the inside.

Kit assembly done.  I usually build up a number of kits of the same type and then paint and decal them together as a unit so I can coordinate colors and decal markings.

I also got a 1/72nd scale Frog JU-88.  It was used and came in a plastic bag.  The only thing wrong was it was missing one wheel.  Don't throw stuff away, it often comes in handy years later.

So I found a similar size wheel in the spares box and added a little white plastic shim to make it a tad larger.

This is the original wheel, it is a much better landing gear system than the Airfix.

Here are the two original Frog halves for the wheel.

Frog made pretty good kits, too bad they are long gone.

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