Saturday, December 8, 2012

Junkers JU 52 & Mistel Combination

For the last couple months I have been digging through the storage pile and pulling out all my assembled Luftwaffe aircraft and trying to get them together.  This is one of them, a Junkers Ju 52 in 1/72nd scale.  It will join several others from various companies that already serve my WWII Germans.  Can't have too many of these sturdy planes.

I got two of these Mistel 1 combinations.  It is a JU-88 bomber converted into a remote controlled aircraft and used as a massive bomb.

A Bf-109 guides the JU-88 close to the target and then it lets go and sends it into the target.  The Germans wanted to use them to blow up Soviet hydroelectric dams.

During the war they were used to attack bridges to slow the Soviet attack.  Bridges are much harder to hit than dams are and so they were less effective.

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