Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Orion Maxim Gun

This is the Orion Quad Maxim AA gun.  One of the problems with this 1/72nd scale kit is that the base it too low for the figure they have firing the weapon.  In the real gun the base was adjustable.

I cut down the original base and added a bit of wire to replace it so the machine guns would sit higher up.

Some of the guns as I was building them.  Each part had the flash trimmed and was made ready.  Two points for anyone who can identify the flag in the upper left corner!  Its from the WWII era.

I mounted the gun on a thick base and the base is separate from the gunner.

The gun builds up pretty well, but I think if I need more I will invest in metal ones.


Tim Gow said...

The flag looks like that of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo.

Bunkermeister said...

We have a winner ladies and gentlemen!

Good observation and very esoteric wisdom there Tim Gow!

Thanks for playing, please enjoy your two points.


Sam's Blog said...

I didn't notice the flag!
just look at this strange Orion "Machin" Gun !
good work Meister!

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks for reading Sam. Always check out the background of my photos, you don't know what is hidden in plain sight! Most photos will enlarge if you click on them.