Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Save Money

Sometimes we can save money on one aspect of our hobby to provide more money for another. I like to save money on the logistical train and save more for the troops. Here are a few tips I picked up to stretch my hobby dollar:

Craft, art and fabric stores are great for finding knives, knife blades, cutting boards, and storage boxes; sometimes the same brands we buy at hobby shops.  Other brands that are just as good or in some cases better are also sold at craft stores.  Hardware stores often have glues and other tools much cheaper than hobby stores. They also have a good variety of glues and tools. Electronics tools can provide small screwdrivers and cutters that are perfect for hobby projects.

I use BBQ skewers and toothpicks to stir paints and apply glues; I get them at the dollar stores. At about one cent each they are cheap enough to use once and throw away. I also cut the skewers so I can use the same one as many as three times to apply glue.  Simple Green is a household cleaner that will strip paint easily. It is also non-toxic. Buy at Wal-Mart or Sam's Club in a large quantity. Don't pour it out, save the cleaner to use again and again. It will strip the paint off a large number of models, even though the Simple Green will turn black after the first couple kits.

I almost never throw anything away, and generally don't sell hobby items. I will trade them or give them away, particularly to kids. Those kits that have multiple versions, two turrets, or extra wheels, can be used for conversions or added details on other kits.  Buy quality paint brushes and take good care of them. I have had some last as much as 20 years. Store them upright. I made a paint brush stand out of a 2 x 2 piece of wood by drilling holes in it, about 30 years ago!  Clean the brushes and then dry them with a tissue. Never store them dirty, clean them right away. Also use a tissue to clean the rim of your paint jars, a tight seal will keep your paint fresh longer, sometimes ten years or more.


Sam's Blog said...

Thanks for your simple advices!
I think that I use most of them, except the brushes: don't take care enough of them....

I used also a lot of natural material (rocks, wood, plants, sands, etc...) for the dios and vignettes: it's free!

Bunkermeister said...

Sam, free is the best price to pay!