Saturday, June 16, 2012

Epoxy & Resin Models

Some people are a little intimidated by resin kits. Resin kits don't have to be difficult to put together. Using the right glue can be very helpful. Most resin kits can be assembled with CA type glues, Superglue for example. It's great for the small parts. Models with larger parts are better assembled using a two part epoxy adhesive.

Epoxy works just like the old fashioned model glue in a tube, but you have to mix it first. I like to use 5 minute epoxy because it dries quickly. Take a small square of aluminum foil. I like to use the heavy duty type because it is less likely to tear. One roll of heavy duty foil will last you about 20 years, so it's a good investment. Then get some barbeque skewers. They kind that are used for a kabob. I buy them at the dollar store and they cost about a penny each. One pack will allow you to build about 50 models or more.

Epoxy is a two part glue. Squeeze out equal parts of each half onto a small bit of the foil. Use the skewer to mix the two halves. Once mixed up you apply to the model parts just like regular glue. The glue will harden in five minutes, which is plenty of time. Make sure you mix very well, I usually mix for about thirty seconds, failure to mix properly may cause the epoxy to fail to harden. Sometimes the parts to be joined are very smooth you can scruff up the surface with a bit of sandpaper for a better join.

Epoxy comes in several drying speeds, but most of the others are longer than five minutes and for model building longer times are not necessary. After about 24 hours epoxy can be cut, sawed, drilled, primered, and painted just like the resin. Epoxy is also gap filling so if the parts don't quite fit together the epoxy still works. I also use epoxy to fill in imperfections in the model caused by air bubbles.

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