Sunday, June 17, 2012


I started my 234/1 &; 234/3 &; 234/4 armored car project with 84 armored cars of those types in my collection.  At the conclusion of the project I have 85 234 series armored cars, and three hulls in the junk pile.  I also ended up with one 234/2 Puma upper hull in the junk pile.  Somehow it had gotten a 234/3 upper hull and gun attached and was intermixed with the 234/3's.  I swapped out a junk 234/3 hull upper and replaced it.

I suspect at least one of these junk hulls may yet return to active service.  I have discovered a WWII German 234 series armored car with a long barrel 20mm anti-aircraft gun mounted in a little turret. I may try and whip up one of those, provided I can find enough wheels to support the vehicle.

This junk hull was eventually returned to service.  The turret lower half had been glued into the hull, but was crooked, so it was pulled out with pliers, tidied up and replaced and made a 7.5 cm L/48 version.

I found a cache of wheels in the dark recesses of the spares boxes and so allowed this 234 to return to active service.

The colors are even close, so they probably won't be repainted.

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