Monday, June 4, 2012

Nazi Germany Armored Vehicles

A Roco 234 armored car with a common flaw, the very bent axle.  This is especially common when the axles are much too large.  This axle will be replaced by one from the junk pile.

Bits gathered together for the upgrade 234/4 with new PaK 75.  This new version had no muzzle brake, I am not sure yet which barrel I will select for this project.

My 234 with ray gun for WWWII games and the 234 with Luchs turret.  Both are rare vehicles and so only one of each in my collection.

This is the hull for my upgraded 234/4, waiting for a decision on the gun.

Two platoons with their new spare tires and bumpers.  Note one 234/3 has no bumper and a spare tire on the front.  I got it used like that, liked it and kept it that way.

Another view of the same vehicles.

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