Sunday, June 3, 2012

German Armored Cars, World War Two

My junk pile.  Stripped of most or even all of their usable parts.  These four gave up their parts so the others could live.  One still has a turret that will probably get used later.  One is a Puma upper hull that was constructed with a 234/3 turret by a previous owner.

A pair of platoons of 234/3 and 234/1.  The gray one has been in my collection for probably 40 years or more.  I purchased it new.  At the top of the picture you can see my one 234 with Luchs turret.

The junk vehicles donate wheels to be mounted as spares, usually on the rear hull of their brothers.  The original kit came from Roco with the 234/1 and 234/3 turrets and guns.  Having purchased many of these used over the years most of the spare parts never entered my collection.

Usable spares from the spares box, junk hulls and that I have made.  I made up a bunch of front bumpers out of wire coated with white coated plastic.  When harvesting spare tires I save the axles because many will replace axles that are bent, a common problem.

Paper Panzers 2 have a 234/4 with a new version of the PaK 40, I am collecting bits to make at least one and perhaps two of them.  I have gathered several possible guns and one complete chassis for the project.  Rumor is they made one for testing and perhaps as many as five.  I don't intend to make more than two.

Glue testing.  This junk lower hull is still serving a useful purpose.  I have been having difficulty getting the Plastruct bumpers to stay on using Plastruct glue to affix the Plastruct plastic coated wire to the plastic beads I am using for the bumper support. So I am test gluing beads to the hull and bumpers to the beads.  Gap filling CA glue and five minute epoxy seems to work the best.


Karcuss said...

I found a later war TO&E with 234/1 at 3 x platoons of 4 and stilla support of 3 x 75mm at around Nov 44

Karcuss said...

nice work too Bunker!