Friday, June 1, 2012


The Roco JagdTiger turret.  I had several extra Roco with this turret.  I had a full battalion of 54 and then realized they were in battalions of 45, so I had to dispose of a few others.

One of them got this new huge turret.  It is actually an air conditoning roof accessory from Reviresco.  I plan on using this as a tracking vehicle for missile testing.  This smaller and less complex tank turret is another one from Tin Soldier.  I plan on using this as part of my missile testing program.  I am thinking it may be a phased array radar on the front face.

This final one with the small turret will be the command vehicle for missile testing.

These three will make the missile testing tanks for my WWII German missile test program; I will probably have to buy some special missiles for a WWWII project.

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