Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nazi German Armor

I found that putting a Roco 234 armored car in a Dixie cup it would hold just the right position to allow me to glue on the bumper supports.  I had to scrape the paint off the corners of the front of the upper part of the lower hull.  I glued a plastic bead on each of the two corners.  Most beads are glass and don't work very well.  I found about a million plastic beads from two bucks at a bead shop.  Well, maybe a thousand or so.

Plastruct 1.5mm plastic coated wire, trimmed to one inch lengths and then bent each end with pliers.

They look pretty good once they are glued on.

I initially glue them with vast amounts of Plastuct glue and later added 5 minute epoxy to strengthen them.

The two new 7.5 cm anti-tanks guns L/48 mounted in the 234 chassis.

Various bits on the workbench as I continue with my upgrade of the Roco 234 series of armored cars.


Bob G. said...

COnsidering the GOING rate for damn near ANY RoCO vehicle THESE days, you "could" take a shot at perhaps selling a few of those Z-234 German armored cars and pick up a NICE chunk of change.
No one else has done it, and certainly NOT as well as you have managed.

Just a thought.

Happy modeling.

Bunkermeister said...

I am working on a special project that may result in a few items from my collection being offered for sale soon. Keep reading the blog.