Friday, August 5, 2011

Panzer III Conversion

The Germans not only probably did the Whirbelwind on the Panzer III chassis, but they also probably did the Ostwind too.

The same conversion works for both the Whirbelwind and Ostwind versions.

Roco Panzer III as a tank and as a quad 20mm AA gun.

Panzer III tank with 37mm anti-aircraft gun armed weapons.

A nice line up for an AA company, Roco 1/87 scale vehicles.


Adam said...

Fantastic stuff.

Ernie said...

I did a search for these guys, to see if any where actually made. Turns out that some of them where made (i think) and go by the name of Flakpanzer III.

Rat baiter said...

Ernie -

Any chance of a link to the website?

I'd love to see how they got a PzIV turret and the turret basket from a three-man crew-served weapon and stuffed it into a PzIII fighting compartment while still allowing room for the wheels and tracks!!!!!!

Nice conversion mike, but only for an alternate reality...

Bunkermeister said...

Page 190 of Sturmgeschutz, & Its Variants by Walter J. Spielberger, Schiffer Military Press, 1993, ISBN: 0-88740-398-0

They were very late war but it seems a few of each, 20mm and 37mm were issued to troops.

I don't have an on line source.

Ritter von Krautheim said...

Excellent - I am doing one in 1:48 for my Endkampf force!

Mike Creek said...

It is a rare beast, but I think a real one, I would love to find a valid photo. Good luck Ritter on your project.