Thursday, August 11, 2011

Model Kit Expo

This was the big score of the day at the kit show. A re-issue GI Joe Mercury Space Capsule.

It fits the 12 inch figures, it's very cool. I always wanted this as a kid and never got it. My dad actually worked for North American Rockwell and helped build the Saturn V boosters for the Apollo program.

This shows the splashdown part of the toy, the capsule is down in the water, the clear plastic box is very cool.

Here's a list of all the cool stuff you get in the set. It includes the capsule and an astronaut in space suit and a white jump suit for terrestrial use too.

I found one on eBay today for almost $200 with shipping.


Bob G. said...

Now, you're just being cruel...LOL

I used to HAVE this toy, and GAVE it away when I 'grew up" to my cousin (who must have paid his way through college by selling it)
It was really cool and in MINT condition.

Glad they still have them out there.
Who could MINE (that made it's way never know)

Carry on.

Bunkermeister said...

Probably is. ;)