Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kit Show

Attended the Brewer Brothers Kit Show in Huntington Beach today. Click on the photo to enlarge it, that's a wall of models.

They sold models and GI Joes. And some US and Japanese reinactors were there too.

They had sci fi and even wild west stuff there as well.

A couple guys were selling off there rather nice assembled 1/35th scale tank collections.

This guy had books with a retail value of at least $50,000 with him and he was doing a land office buisness. I got a book from him last time, but not this time. Not quite as many vendors or visitiors as last time but I spent more money from more people, bargins were in evidence.


Tim Gow said...

'Fess up - what did you buy?

Bob G. said...

All I can say is..."WOW".

You people out there KNOW how to toss a great show like this.

That table of tanks is worth the price of admission (and the wall of models ain't far behind).

By all means, list the "stash" you snagged

Carry on.

Bunkermeister said...

Tim, I got a pretty good haul.

Bunkermeister said...

My stash will be photographed and documented in next day or two.

Adam said...

Wow, looks superb. Show and tell! :)

Bunkermeister said...

Adam, you don't have to wait long.