Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Mortars

Some of my 1/72nd scale hard plastic ESCI mortars are from collections I have purchased, many have been damaged or have missing parts. I am cannibalizing them to make a few mortars out of a lot of junk.

There are 48 81mm mortars in the TO&E for a late war German infantry division. I still need a few more.

Many of these used mortars were pre-assembled badly. I mount them on a bit of styrene to keep the bipod legs from breaking. That's the most common damage for these weapons. The ESCI set only gives you one crewman. That's not very many. So I have been doing some conversion work to make more crewmen.

Some junk figures that can't be salvaged can still serve the miniature Fatherland. Here their boots have been cut off and are glued to a base. They will find their way to the regimental cobbler so they can be repaired. I try and have all the supply units for my combat units.

Some of the various prone figures from the spares box. Many were supposed to have rifles or service machine guns. Some, like this guy have been set up so his machine gun does not require a #2 gunner. Others have been impressed into serving the mortars. Add the separate motor bombs and a mortar bomb box to their base and instant crewmen.

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